👋 Hey there, my name is Grayson.

Digital products are my thing.

I am an indie maker that makes products that improve lives & support communities.

Meet Grayson, the chief loon.

Long time tech worker with a love for making and growing digital products. A proud PaperCutter improving commercial outcomes for papercut.com, improving our understanding of papercut customers & improving environments through waste reduction.

I also hold an advisory position at IDA Sports helping keep their technology ticking along and empowering women to play sports at the same time. I have have moved between techy and product management roles throughout my career. Love to sit in the grey area between the two.

Have something interesting worthy of my skills? Get in touch.

The ramblings of a loon.

I made this website for charity.

Netlify one of my fav services & some of their pals are giving $500 to charity for people to dust of their unused domains names. Turns out loonshoot.com had been gather dusty since i registered my business entity. A website was well overdue.

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Wine, friends & a great time.

Not too long ago i dropped a website for Raymond at Richmond winebar Grapeshots & Co

Check it out

I will drop an article real soon.

Stay tuned for my next interesting rambling.

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